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My Beautiful Wife

I just wanted to write about my beautiful wife, Victoria.  We have been together not quite two years and life is amazing. Tori is a MTF Transsexual.  When I first met her, she had not yet come out to anyone about being trans and had been living her life under the assumed persona of a young man. I fell in love with her instantly, although at the time I was unaware she was female, I knew there was something special about her.  After we had been dating for better than a year, we were having a picnic in the park in Chicago, when Tori told me that she was unhappy.  I asked if she was unhappy with her gender (she had been leaving subtle hints for some time) she said yes. So I said to her "Then  you have to change it" At this point she had never told anyone about her feelings, or that fact that she was female despite her outward appearance.  Shortly after she decided to confide in me her secret that she, up until this point, couldn't share with anyone, I decided that I was also not happy. I was not happy with our relationship as it was. I wanted more. I felt that we had been through so much, (a house fire and the death of several loved ones), and when she told me she was trans I felt that we were as open with each other as we possibly could be and I knew that we could survive anything because we had each other. I decided to ask her to marry me, because I wanted to be more with her.  

I acted distant the whole day plotting and planning how I'd get the ring without her noticing.  I think she mistook my distance for uneasiness about her being trans at first, but after I successfully bought the ring with out her noticing, we went to the house of the friend we were staying with.  As we settled down to sleep for the night, I asked her to marry me and showed her the ring.  She cried and said yes. We embraced, and I explained I no longer wanted a life without her in it as my wife. We are officially getting married October 17th, 2009.  I have never been happier!
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