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My Little? Box

Today Tyler and I went to the Yorkdale mall. I bought this sweet black guys dress shirt, and white shoelaces. I've been planning this sweet outfit that I think would be stellar! Ty of course thinks it's from the 80's and is tacky as hell but eh *shrugs* I sure don't. It's so basic but I think I can rock it out. It's a black guys dress shirt with a white tie, white belt, black pants, and black shoes with white laces. But I want to change the color of the tie, belt and laces with different colors, like red, blue, green...

Anyways I also saw this awesome blue belt that I wanted but didn't bother to get it. As we were leaving the mall I told Tyler about my master plan to have a complete set with different colors but that I saw the electric blue belt and I mentioned how hard it would be to find everything in that perfect shade, he said that I was the biggest nerd ever. We got to talking about my nerdiness and he came to the conclusion that I'm a "gender queer faggy butch dyke"! haha I love it. What a lovely little labelled box I'm in =) But it is ssssoooo true.

And that's my story lol sorry to post nonsense i just really enjoyed the conclusion that we came to. And I do think it suits me well.

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