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Hi! I'm a 27 yr old *will be 28 very soon ^^* female living in Peabody, Ma.

I found this community in a search hoping that I can get advice/support for my new "friend" that I've recently started...err...I don't know what you'd really call it...was supposed to be friendship but we are both developing feelings for each other rather quickly. She is a M2F transgender.

Angela has always had gender issues dating back to when she was a young child. I believe she said she was 7 when she realized something was wrong and that she was supposed to be a female. It's only been recently that she's been able to start considering the transition thanks to support from friends and family.

She's needed someone for awhile now to step up and give her the support she needs to start this change and I have been that for her. In just the last week she's blossomed and is becoming more of who she is supposed to be everyday. I'm taking her this weekend to start electrolysis to remove her facial hair and she will be starting hormones very soon.

Now her comes a bit of a challenge. She doesn't consider herself gay so has never been w/a man and will not do so till the change is complete *that is she would like to try being w/a man when it's complete*. With that said, she feels stressed and awkward when having any sort of sexual encounter w/a female. Her mind is that of a woman so when things start heating up it feels strange to her. We're becoming VERY close and it's hard for me to picture her as a man at all. But things are heading in the direction that we may end up having a more physically intimate relationship and I don't want to put more stress on her by doing so. I know it's confusing for me when I even think about being intimate and knowing that she doesn't have the parts that it feels like she should so I cannot even imagine how hard it is for her. I don't want to give her any unneeded stress but at the same time when the both of us are becoming so close it looks like it's going that way.

Is there any advice or experiences that any of you have had that might make this seem easier for both of us? I dunno maybe I just needed a place to share what is happening and find support not only for her but support to make me stronger and understand more of what she's going through so I can help her have the smoothest transition possible. Thanks everybody!
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