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I am new to this community and am hoping that this place will help. I have been with my gf for 4 years. She has always been a "boi" and I love her just the way she is..but within this last year she has made the decision that she wants to actually transition and has nose-dived into research and how to get started. I'm at a loss for words on this..she had mentioned it before but very off handedly and I have never thought that this would actually be an option until now. She is very serious and I'm starting to notice changes...going so far as not wanting me to address her as my gf but rather my bf.

I can't really begin to describe the pain this is causing me..she tells me about whats going to happen and whats going to change and I've watched youtube vids of people going through transition..and everytime we talk about it or I watch those I cry. I feel so horrible because I don't want to make her feel guilty or not do it because of me..but it makes me so sad. I feel like shes dying and a new person is going to replace her...it seems like everything is going to change. I'm just curious if there is anyone else who has gone through this and if anyone can tell me how they cope..I love her so much and want to be there for her but it makes it hard when everytime we try to discuss the subject I break down and cry and have to stop talking about it. It also scares me to death..are these surgeries really safe for people? I've read that its more dangerous for woman to change then men..I really don't want anything happening to her. I'm not really sure what to do...I'm not leaving..I don't want to and I know she has some fear that I will. Apparently quite a few couples break up when the decision to transition is being made..idk I feel thats going to happen with people but not to us. I guess I'm just looking to see if there are support groups for the partners..

any help is greatly appreciated
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